Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2.5GHZ K10 crushes 3GHZ Intel 45nm quad like a bug in J2EE

Even Anand's the Intel kisser had to admit it.

Intel retards forced this blog to enable moderation of comments -- Patty is laughing, while his mother is disappointed about his education level. I have to do more work, but civilization requires the rule of wisdom -- Intelers are so primitive. That silly dude kept posting, all I did was two mouse clicks: "Check All" --"Delete".

Friday, November 23, 2007

INTEL retards are infesting this blog

Patty should be ashamed of himself...

Phenom is out, and the only thing he could do is having an army of Intelers pasting four letter words on this blog.

You can get the Black edition Athlon X2 + Call of Juarez for $99.

Monday, November 19, 2007

AMD Phenom system available now

Time to frag Intel outdated FSB systems.

Friday, November 16, 2007

AMD readies mobile K10

That's the killer Hector promised. Each core clocks independently, perfectly for mobile -- one core will shutdown most of the time.

Intel won't have such technology until 2009.

Intel Penryn flaky

Penryn won't work with SLI.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

AMD overdrive dowload

See video on how to use it. Here it is the download link.

The beauty of K10 is you can clock each core independently. So, you can have one core running at 3.2GHZ and the other running at 2.2GHZ. Intel won't have such technology before it BKs.

AMD to sell fewer than 1 million Phenoms in 2007

FAB36 is fully converted to K10 production, AMD is sitting on one quarter of Brisbane CPUs. Going forward, it will be K10. Chartered still makes some 90nm cores.

Nvidia needs a major major price cut to compete. The AMD HD3850 is up to 4x faster than the Nv 8600 GTS.

The 55nm process works flawlessly. No wonder AMD is working on asset-lite strategy, with zero investment on FABs, AMD can use TSMC to crank out 55nm lower end K10s just to take market share -- no SOI, no nothing, just plain bulk silicon -- enough for 2.2GHZ speeds. FAb36 will be dedicated to high value products such as Opteron, Phenom and Bull Dozer.

BTW: Vista sucks, but the update on Nov 14 from Microsoft (with zillions of stability fixes) and Nvidia seem have fixed the problem.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

AMD HD3870 frags Nvidia 8800GT

See benchmark. I expect AMD will score better on HT 3.0 system. Intel's crappy FSB system cannot show AMD technology in its full potential.

Another 40,000 core super computer sold

SuperMicro claims that it sold another supercomputer.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

AMD asset lite strategy overview

First, this is not based on any AMD internal document, but my strategic analysis of the situation.
AMD's goal is to take market share at an accelerated rate and with minimum investment. The asset lite strategy has the following key elements.

1) Use foundry capacity for mass production of low end desktop and mobile CPUs. These products have very low margin, it is not worth the investment of expensive tools to produce them. AMD's plan is to outsource the production of these CPUs to TSMC and Chartered. Everyone will be laughing, except Intel. TSMC and Chartered are expected to crank out 30 million K10 X2 and X3 CPUs per quarter, selling at the ASP of $55, with $2 profit each. Of course, AMD's GPU production is already asset lite. TSMC will be involved in the production of Fusion core, driving the PC cost even lower.

2) Use AMD FABs for high margin production. Using APM, Immersion lithography, SOI, exotic processes, AMD will produce high end server, desktop and mobile CPUs in its own FABs. These are the money makers and Intel fraggers.

3) Use Intel FABs for free after 2009. A jury is expected to award AMD $69 billion in treble damages. Intel won't have enough cash, and will have to pay the award with FABs.

4) Intel will have to spend more and more cash on expensive equipment, which leaves little for AMD to collect for judgment.

Phenom ready to rock in gaming

The 2.2GHZ Phenom 9500 frags the 2.4GHZ Q6600 by 3.6%.

There is more. AMD overdrive can boost gaming performance by 50% (video, scoring 19000 3Dmarks).

Just ordered two OLPCes with the G1G1 program. I challenge the Intelers here to do something good, at least this once.

PS: I correctly predicted that Intel will be out of the top 10, then top 50 soon. Right now, AMD has 3 computers in top 10, soon it will have 5. Intel who?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Intel's 3GHZ Penryn is almost slower than 2GHZ K10

With 12MB cache and 3GHZ clockspeed, the Penryn is as fast as a 2GHZ K10. See also, SPECOMP (Intelers compared its quad to a AMD dual).

The world grows up with AMD

Intel's copycat technology has no place for the future. By copying AMD64, HyperTransport and Direct Connect Architecture, Intel was able to significantly reduced its R&D cost and cut its workforce by 25,000. But, Intel is trying to exploit children by offering $399 celeron notebooks that can burn down houses.

Shame on Intelers.

BTW: Intel's copycat technology won't be available until 2H09.

Shame on Intel.

You can help the world's children by purchasing two OLPCes for $399, one for your own, and one for a child elsewhere in the global village. This is much better than spending $400 on one EeePC.

Quad-Fire will fry Nvidia

Quite impressive -- look at the end of the video.

Nvidia's quad SLI only gives 15% performance increase.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Intel will be out of top 50 soon

Opteron rules. These supercomputer require a level of reliability that no Intel chips can provide -- a FDIV bug is not an approximation scientists can tolerate. Core 2 duo may be quick on finishing SuperPI, but scientists need correctness.

Nobody wants Intel, so it hired SGI (a BKed Intel shop) build one for itself, with either Itanium or double-p3.

I look forward to upgrading my AM2 PC soon. A 2.3GHZ AMD ought to be enough to frag a 3.33GHZ Intel.

Intel mostly use single core Xeons for its own data centers. They probably know those double Pentium 3s aren't up to standards.