Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AMD's manufacturing affiliate flexes its muscles

GLOBALGOUNDRIES says it will start cranking out 32nm SOI chips in 3Q10. As we know, it has one customer for that technology--AMD.

This is no less shocking than the news that the Chinese shot down an ICBM.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Intel's Core i3/i5 32nm chips slow in Windows 7

Even the diehard Intel supporter Anand sees that Intel's chips are not that good under Windows 7. The Core i5 661 3.33 GHz ($196) is substantially slower than Athlon II X3 435 ($100) at 2.9GHz in x264 encoding. BTW, it's just a total waste of silicon for Intel to glue those non-competitive integrated graphics with the 32nm CPUs -- people still need to buy a separate graphics card for some 3D fun. An AMD 785G motherboard by itself is capable of serious modern 3D fragging for $40.