Monday, October 19, 2009

500 Page EU Verdict Shows DELL Planned Coup Against Intel

Interesting stuff to read. Four companies formed a secret alliance to escape the death claw of Intel.

In a presentation of 10 January 2003 on Dell rebates, [Intel Executive] outlined a
list of objectives to be achieved by Intel in a high-level executive meeting with
Dell. This includes the following objective: "Get [Dell Senior Executive]/OOC [abbreviation used by Dell meaning Office Of the Chair and specifying a certain
group of Dell executives, usually [Dell Senior Executive]and [Dell Senior
Executive]] clearly understand out meet-comp process and how it applies to
DELL- I.e. if they have AMD in their arsenal they'll have less meet comp exposure-
hence less meet comp dollars avail to them—even the possibility that meet-comp
dollars that we're applied [sic] to DELL go somewhere else..." This objective
was reiterated in a subsequent presentation of 5 February 2003 that served as a
briefing for a Dell executive dinner: "Some how, with finesse, we need [Dell Senior
Executive]to understand that if Dell adds AMD to their product line they no longer
have a meet-comp exposure – We have a meet comp exposure so we must prioritize
opportunities on a case by case situation."

In an e-mail dated 17 February 2006, [Intel Senior Executive] sent an e-mail
commented on a news report which stated that Dell had announced that it had no
plans to begin using chips from AMD. [Intel Executive] had reported this
announcement to [Intel Senior Executive], writing: "Finally something
positive...." [Intel Senior Executive] replied: "the best friend money can buy

This demonstrates the direct link between Dell's policy of Intel exclusivity
and Intel payments.

Friday, October 16, 2009

AMD Reports 3Q09 Operating Profit

Most Americans cannot read and comprehend. But the news is AMD is profitable now.

The idiot who wrote this can't understand plain English.

He says: "Revenue of $1.39 billion was up 17.9% sequentially and down 21.4% year over year, better than management’s expectations of a slight sequential increase. However, excluding the $191 million in one-time process technology license revenue, it was up 1.8% sequentially and down 32.2% year over year, in-line with management expectations."

Basically, he is saying that AMD 3Q09 revenue was really 1.39-0.19 = 1.2 billion.

And this is what Rivet said in the conference call:

"Third quarter revenue was $1.396 billion, growing 18% compared to the second quarter of 2009. Compared to the third quarter of last year, revenue declined 22%. However, excluding the $191 million Process Technology License revenue, revenue declined 13% on a non-GAAP basis."

Obviously, the $191 million licensing revenue happened in 3Q08.

AMD made $80 million profit in 3Q09.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Intel Faked its Performance by up to 46%

Investigation shows Intel cheated in benchmarks and the cheating boosted is benchmark numbers by up to 46%. In the duped benchmark test, Intel is ahead of AMD by 40%. Yet, in real world test, AMD is 200% of Intel.