Monday, October 19, 2009

500 Page EU Verdict Shows DELL Planned Coup Against Intel

Interesting stuff to read. Four companies formed a secret alliance to escape the death claw of Intel.

In a presentation of 10 January 2003 on Dell rebates, [Intel Executive] outlined a
list of objectives to be achieved by Intel in a high-level executive meeting with
Dell. This includes the following objective: "Get [Dell Senior Executive]/OOC [abbreviation used by Dell meaning Office Of the Chair and specifying a certain
group of Dell executives, usually [Dell Senior Executive]and [Dell Senior
Executive]] clearly understand out meet-comp process and how it applies to
DELL- I.e. if they have AMD in their arsenal they'll have less meet comp exposure-
hence less meet comp dollars avail to them—even the possibility that meet-comp
dollars that we're applied [sic] to DELL go somewhere else..." This objective
was reiterated in a subsequent presentation of 5 February 2003 that served as a
briefing for a Dell executive dinner: "Some how, with finesse, we need [Dell Senior
Executive]to understand that if Dell adds AMD to their product line they no longer
have a meet-comp exposure – We have a meet comp exposure so we must prioritize
opportunities on a case by case situation."

In an e-mail dated 17 February 2006, [Intel Senior Executive] sent an e-mail
commented on a news report which stated that Dell had announced that it had no
plans to begin using chips from AMD. [Intel Executive] had reported this
announcement to [Intel Senior Executive], writing: "Finally something
positive...." [Intel Senior Executive] replied: "the best friend money can buy

This demonstrates the direct link between Dell's policy of Intel exclusivity
and Intel payments.


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