Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comment on Mantle Boost

Joel ,

You ought to take a lesson in logical reasoning.

Mantle mostly helps in "CPU bound" situation does lead to a conclusion that "it’s actually for boosting low-end CPUs."

CPU-bound vs. GPU-bound is a relative comparison of a GPU and a CPU. While low-end CPU is the result of a comparison between CPUs. One measure (CPU/GPU) simply cannot lead to another (CPU/CPU).

You could have a PC with the highest end CPU currently available, but still being CPU-bound due to the GPU being even more powerful. In such a case, Mantle will offer big gains. Similarly, you could have a low-end Celeron paired with a even lower GPU, and Mantle will help a bit but not much.


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Blogger PENIX said...

Intel is about to get fragged again by AMD Zen. I expect this will be the final blow before the inevitable bankruptcy of Intel.

11:37 PM, April 28, 2016  
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