Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Litecoin Millionaires-to-be are flocking to the mine

Ordered four AMD R9 290s last night, there were five in stock, quickly made an order, and got the following message in the morning:


We're sorry, but although your order was in stock at the time it was placed, it is now out of stock and cannot be shipped at this time.  We regret any inconvenience.
Order was entered on Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Items Ordered
R9 290 4GD5 MSI Video Card R9 290 4GD5 Hawaii Pro 4GB DDR5 PCIE3.0 Retail [MSTI0J1] - (Qty 4)
- Was originally in stock, but is now out of stock.


You could get rich quick by mining Litecoins. An AMD R9 290 can mine 15 Litecoins in a month, that's over 600 USD of value, minus 100 or so electricity cost, the profit is about $500/month. With 20 such GPUs, the profit becomes $10,000/month.

Quick road to six figure income without any education requirement.

Both Xbox One and PS4 should be very good mining rigs if software is available. I wonder AMD Mantle could improve mining power.

PS: on eBay the R9 290 sells for $1000


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