Friday, December 06, 2013

The New Compute Metric: Price-Per-Coin

The new performance metric for the compute world is now Price-Per-Coin.

In case you haven't noticed, high end AMD Radeon GPUs are getting increasingly hard to find and ever more expensive. I just found this out this hard fact this morning when trying to gather the parts for a Litecoin miner. A single Litecoin is worth about $40 right now, and the Litecoin market is more than one billion dollars.

My old AMD 6770 GPU can only mine one coin in 15 days or so. I need something powerful.

Go to, and you will see the relative performance of GPU miners. You buy hardware based on the Price-Per-Coin metric if you want to have a good profit margin as a miner. AMD is more than 2x faster than Nvidia. Intel Haswell is about 10% of AMD and can be totally ignored.

BTW, Litecoin is designed to be prohibitively expensive to mine with ASIC.


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