Sunday, April 27, 2008

HP's 2P DL385 Barcelona server frags HP DL580 4P Quad-Core Xeon server

A 2P DL385 G5 2.3GHZ Barcelona Opteron server (total 8 cores) can handle 174 Heavy Users in HP's benchmark.

A 4P HP 2.3GHZ Opteron blade server can handle 301 heavy users .

In comparison, a 4P 2.9 GHZ Intel Quad-Core Xeon Dl580 G5 server (total 16 cores) does 233 Heavy users.

The result: a 4P 2.3GHZ Opteron blade frags a 4P 2.9GHZ Quad-Core Xeon server by a whopping 29.2%.

But this is not the end of the story. If you look at the number of light users, the HP DL580 G5 4p Quad-Core Xeon (total 16 cores) can do 386 Light Users. The HP DL385 2P 2.3GHZ server (2.3GHZ) can handle 380 Light Users.

It is obvious that with a slightly faster 2.4GHZ Opteron, the 2P DL385 will frag the 4P DL580. In other words, one Opteron quad-core CPU frags two Xeon quad-core CPUs in an SMP configuration.

It is clear that Intel CPUs are only good for single threaded 1P operation. The fact that a 2P-8 core Opteron server frags a 4P-16 core Xeon server is an old story. With 16 Xeon cores hanging on a FSB, each Xeon core gets the bandwidth of a 80486.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Intel Quad Core CPU consumes 120 watts

Lost circuit measure CPU power consumption (not system power) under load. They found a Phenom 9600 consumes 73.6 watts, while a Core 2 QX 6700 consumes 114.8 watts. It seems that all Intel overclocks its CPUs to achieve higher clocks.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

One video is better than 10000 words