Friday, March 30, 2007

This Pentium XE 965 killer is priced at $69

$69 to frag Pentium XE 965 in most benchmarks and free shipping.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Intel's days are numbered

All signs indicate that AMD's 65nm process will show major clockspeed increase. AMD used old transistors on its 65nm node, as a result AMD's 90nm CPUs are having higher clockspeed than its 65nm ones. By now, AMD should have migrated to newer transistors at the 65nm node, and I expect up to 30% clockspeed increase over its 90nm parts.

We all know K10 will clean kill Intel.

FAB30, FAB36 and Chartered FAB7 are cranking.

Athlon 64 X2 3600+ (65nm) boxed CPUs are sold at $64 now.

I expect that the Athlon 64 X2 4800+ (2.5 GHZ) will be the lowest AMD chip, the top speed will be close to 3.6GHZ.

Monday, March 26, 2007

AMD is going to blood Intel

Athlon 64 X2 4600+ boxed CPU for $113. With FAB30, FAB36 and Chartered cranking massive numbers of dual core CPUs, AMD can afford a bloody price war that is aimed to take substantial portions of the x86 market pie.

This indicates to me that AMD's 65nm chips will show substantial clockspeed increase.

Intel's new FAB in China is a sham

Intel will build a 90nm FAB in China. 90nm? Yes, 90nm!

90nm and will probably start pumping out chips in 2010. By then, all AMD CPUs and chipsets will be 45nm.

But, Intel will BK by 2Q08.

AMD is all 65nm now.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

AMD current strategy analysis

Ruiz is making all the right moves.

1) CPU biz: flood the market with low price AM2 CPUs, take market share at all cost. Intel becomes just another supplier fighting for a piece of the pie. All AM2 PCes can be upgraded to K10 later.

2) GPU biz: the AMD integrated graphics are as good as Nvidia's. The only crap is Intel.

Monday, March 19, 2007


I am no fan of SCO. But the IT community is making themselves fools if they blindly support IBM simply because SCO is viewed as anti Linux.

INQ's comment that SCO was only able to show 300 lines of code is kinda stupid. If SCO can find one (1) line of code that IBM infringed, that's copyright infringement. In this case, one guy copied four (4) words, and had to give up a lot.

The arguments that header files are not copyrightable are plainly stupid. Every programmer knows that header files are no different from other program source files.

The real issue is whether IBM infringed or had a license to the code.

Intel doped, Anand and Tom duped

Berlind is the only journalist who has enough IQ to see through Intel's lies -- which I did even before Core 2 was launched.

Intel's cheats: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

AMD dual core frags Intel's quad core

2x dual core Opteron (2.8GHZ), total 4 cores, score 44.5

2x Clovertown, total 8 cores, score 41.3

2x Woodcrest (3GHZ), total 4 cores, score 41.4

INTEL will face major securities fraud lawsuit for sure

ZDNET says Intel is criminally dishonest on performance.

Intelers are a bunch of frauds. Mr. Berlind is right to say that Intel may be liable under SEC rule 10b-5 for using manipulative and deceptive devices in connections with the sale or purchase of securities:

"The slides are deceptive and manipulative. At some point, who ever was preparing them should have thought, "this many footnotes?, perhaps we should redo them." How many disclaimers does it take before you realize you're disclaiming an entire document? Look at the last two slides in the image gallery. The upper right hand side of both say that an Intel part is being compared to an Opteron 2XXX part. Yet, with every data point listed below those headings — every one — there's a footnote that says otherwise. It's nothing more than an absurd perversion of the truth."

K10 is a real killer, beating Intel by more than 40% in most benchmarks.

K10 will demonstrate who is the real mater in CPU design.

Intel's Israeli engineers will find themselves running out of brain juice patching the P6.

Monday, March 12, 2007

No one believes Intel this time

Read this on video performance cheats.

This is a conversation:

Paul: how many you have left?

Craig: I still got 3717 to delete.

Paul: I deleted 17888, but there are 11818 to go.

Craig: Remember to use the disk weeping software.

Paul: We are gonna get caught.

Craig: That's still better than showing these emails to the jury.

Paul: I will have to agree. I am gonna assert 5th when deposed.

Craig: me too.

Intel to slash its own throat on K10 launch

K10 is the killer. K10 will have 40% performance lead. Intel will sell the 3GHZ E6850 Conroe at $266, down from the $1000 price today. But, in reality, Con6850 will be 40% slower and worth no more than $100.

AMD won a decisive round in this benchmark, 23:0. The Intel system crapped out.
On video quality, AMD system wins by 56: 35.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

AMD should seek terminating sanction

Intel destroys crucial evidence in the anti-trust case.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

K10 will be 60% faster than Intel in IPC

George Ou is such a retard. That idiot is screaming over the difference between 3% or -6%.

The whole point made by AMD was that the 2.8GHZ Opteron and 3GHZ Woodcrest and neck to neck on integer performance within margin of error.

What will kill Intel is the K10. K10 will be 42% faster than Xeon 5355, which runs at 2.66GHZ. But AMD's top dog will be at 2.3GHZ. Which means in in terms of IPC, AMD will be 60% faster.

BTW: It seems Nvidia's IGP is in trouble.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

K8 frags Woodcrest on SpecInt_rate

See this. It seems that the only thing Intel improved on Core 2 is SSE, Intel is still behind AMD on both integer and floating point performance.

K10 will frag Intel quad by 40% for sure.