Tuesday, October 07, 2008

AMD to Revoke Intel's AMD64, HyperTransport and Direct Connect Licenses

AMD has tapped onto the Arabian treasure and will build the NY fab. Intel raised concerns about its patents. In retaliation, AMD will revoke Intel's AMD64, HTT and Direct Connection licenses. AMD will also revoke Intel's copyright license on Nahelem architecture diagram -- it's almost identical to AMD's.

Jerry Sanders is still sharp: "AMD has found a way to compete with Intel's balance sheet by using Abu Dhabi's balance sheet." The deal is good for the Arabs. Once they get Intel killed, AMD will rule the AMD64 world, and their investment will worth a lot lot more.

The plan: the Foundry Co will mass produce chips at no cost to AMD, which will sell them at very good prices, while Intel will have to spend more and more cash building newer FABs, AMD will just use the Foundry Co. Intel cannot compete, folds up. AMD rules. The 20% stake in AMD will worth $20 billion. At that time, they will sell the shares, having made a fortune. Everyone is happy, except Intel.

But, I expect Intel to follow AMD's foot steps and also go FABless.