Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Intel Accuses European Commission of Mischaracterization

According to this report, EC has published some internal Intel emails, with some juicy details. In response, Intel accuses the European Commission of mischaracterizing the documents.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Intel Follows AMD Yet Again

Amazing, Intel followed AMD on technologies: AMD64, Direct Connect, HyperTransport, IMC, NX Bit, Multi-Core, L3 Cache, Performance/Watt, Spinning off flash business... Now it follows AMD to restructure it business units, closely mirroring AMD's effort.

The only thing Intel can't copy is AMD "Asset Smart". Intel does not do SOI, and its FABs are not attractive to GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Intel Atom is slow

So, I bought a DELL Mini 10, with stuff like GPS built-in. Why? I had this $200 DELL gift certificate, and I had to spend it.

I have to say the Mini 10 was good for the price after the $200 off. Otherwise, it is far better to buy the Gateway 11.1 inch AMD netbook with a 1.2GHZ Athlon 64 CPU.

The DELL mini 10 is good enough for surfing the web and play minesweeper, the battery life is OK. But one thing the Mini 10 cannot do is viewing Youtube videos in High Quality (HQ) mode. I am not talking about HD Youtube video here, just the HQ video. On the mini 10, the audio will come out, the video is gonna playing like a slide show. The Atom processor is probably slower than a Celeron 677 MHz.

The lesson AMD should learn is this: performance is not that important. People buy cheap.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Arabian Kings Are Buying FABs = INTEL BK SOON

Abu Dhabi's ATIC are on a shopping spree to buy FABs. It has now acquired the nine FABs of Chartered and is looking for more. With the mega FABs in Dresden and New York, ATIC/GLOBALFOUNDRIES are in a roll to world FAB domination.

This is smart. The dollar still worth something. And Abu Dhabi has plenty of the paper. Before the dollar bills turn into germ infested garbage worth less than pieces of toilet paper, the Arabian princesses are buying real estate in semi business.

For Intel, that's bad news. The only weapona Intel had against AMD were its monopolistic tricks and deep balance sheet. Intel had always outspent AMD on FABs to gain an advantage. No more, Paul. That's history.

The princesses of Arab have money to burn, and they will outspend Intel by a factor of 10.

Remember they have about 30% of AMD's shares. When AMD worth $200 billion. Their share worth $60 billion.

Intel BK is projected in 2011, after the massive $80 billion treble damages from the anti-trust lawsuit. Intel may have to sell its FABs to GLOBALFOUNDRIES to pay the damages.

NVIDIA's Huang independently reached the same conclusion as to Intel's inevitable demise.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

AMD set to release 45nm K10.5 mobile CPUs based

Note this from Fudzilla, apparently, this is AMD's 45nm mobile CPUs with K10.5 technology. I almost regret that I bought this red notebook that makes ladies turn their heads. Hopefully, AMD will sell boxed CPUs, so I can do a quick and dirty replacement with the 45nm chip.

Since AMD can do 6 cores in 40watts, we can expect these CPUs to do 7 watts single core. That's will be 4x the speed of Intel Atom, at lower power. Remember that Intel's Atom chipset built on 130nm ancient tech dissipates 15 watts or so, even though the Atom cpu uses only 5 watts.