Sunday, November 11, 2007

Quad-Fire will fry Nvidia

Quite impressive -- look at the end of the video.

Nvidia's quad SLI only gives 15% performance increase.


Blogger Peter said...

10 days and nothing against Intel?!

Tsk tsk, losing the touch Doc, get back in the game!

So now that your attention has turned to nVidia, when are they going BK? You know, they just reported a billion dollar quarter for the first time, and according to your 'theory of bankruptcy' it must mean nVidia is in dire financial trouble! LOL

12:28 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger BONER said...

In before lock.

12:30 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger Spaztic Pizza said...

hmmm and what percentage of people even run SLI or Crossfire? Not many. So in terms of your tiny little brain thinking this will do your beloved AMD any good, I'd think again.

Nvidia releases 8800GT and they can't keep them in supply fast enough...what does AMD release? 2900GT that was about the same sound as a dead fish hitting concrete.

AMD has ruined ATI. Or should I say Hector Ruinz has ruined ATI.

Lets just hope the rumors or true and that asshat is out of a job soon.

12:36 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger BONER said...

Transmeta Reports Third Quarter 2007 Results

Transmeta Corporation (NASDAQ:TMTA) today announced financial results for the third quarter of fiscal 2007, ended September 30, 2007.

Revenue for the third quarter of 2007 was $44,000, which included $43,000 of services revenue and $1,000 of license revenue for royalty payments. This compared with revenue of $171,000 in the second quarter of 2007, which included $146,000 of services revenue and $25,000 of end-of-life product revenue.

All share and per share data included in this press release have been retroactively adjusted to account for the effect of the one-for-20 reverse stock split that the Company effected on August 17, 2007. Net loss attributable to common shareholders for the third quarter of 2007 was $12.7 million, or a loss of $1.24 per share, compared with a net loss of $11.5 million, or a loss of $1.15 per share, in the second quarter of 2007. The third quarter of 2007 results included restructuring charges totaling $109,000, non-cash charges of $1.7 million for amortization of intangible assets and non-cash charges of $3.6 million for the beneficial conversion feature of the Series B Preferred Stock sold to AMD in July 2007.

Gross margin for the third quarter of 2007 was 59 percent, compared with a gross margin of 53 percent in the second quarter of 2007.

The Company’s cash, cash equivalents and short term investments at September 30, 2007 totaled $28.6 million, including the approximate $7.0 million in net proceeds that Transmeta received from AMD’s investment in the Company in July 2007, and the approximate $11.6 million in net proceeds that the Company received from its securities offering in September 2007. The Company continues to be debt free.

In October, Transmeta entered into an agreement with Intel Corporation providing for a settlement of all claims between the two companies and for the licensing of the Transmeta patent portfolio to Intel for use in current and future Intel products. The agreement will grant Intel a perpetual non-exclusive license to all Transmeta patents and patent applications, including any patent rights later acquired by Transmeta, now existing or as may be filed during the next ten years. Under the agreement, Transmeta will grant to Intel a non-exclusive paid-up license and transfer technology related to its LongRun and LongRun2 technologies and future improvements. Under the agreement, Intel will covenant not to sue Transmeta for the development and licensing to third parties of Transmeta’s LongRun and LongRun2 technologies. The agreement provides for Intel to make an initial $150 million payment to Transmeta as well as to pay Transmeta an annual license fee of $20 million for each of the next five years.

“During the third quarter, we reinforced our relationship with AMD through the strategic investment that AMD made in Transmeta in July 2007. In addition, we raised about $11.6 million in net proceeds from our securities offering in September 2007 and completed the restructuring program that we started earlier this year,” said Les Crudele, president and CEO. “In October, we resolved our patent litigation with Intel, pursuant to an agreement that provides for Transmeta to receive an initial payment of $150 million and future payments of $20 million per year for each of the next five years. We believe these funds will give us the financial flexibility to execute on our strategy of developing and licensing our intellectual property. Having completed our restructuring, resolved our patent litigation, and taken steps to significantly strengthen our balance sheet, we can now concentrate our attention on developing our technology, building our licensing business, putting the building blocks in place to expand our customer base and creating long-term shareholder value.”

Conference Call

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About Transmeta Corporation

Transmeta Corporation develops and licenses innovative computing, microprocessor and semiconductor technologies and related intellectual property. Founded in 1995, we first became known for designing, developing and selling our highly efficient x86-compatible software-based microprocessors, which deliver a balance of low power consumption, high performance, low cost and small size suited for diverse computing platforms. We are presently focused on developing and licensing our advanced power management technologies for controlling leakage and increasing power efficiency in semiconductor and computing devices, and in licensing our computing and microprocessor technologies to other companies. To learn more about Transmeta, visit

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Total stock-based compensation $ (26) $ 693 $ 1,101 $ 970 $ 4,328

12:57 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger Giant said...

Another one of Sharikou's projections? Like Intel BK Q4'07? Or Q2'08? Or 4x4 pinning Intel and half of AMD's performance?! Or 2.3 Phenom fragging a 3.33 Yorkfield?! Phenom is fragged by 61% in SuperPi at the same clockspeed. Also fragged in 3Dmark and Crysis.

AMD has ruined ATI. Or should I say Hector Ruinz has ruined ATI.

Indeed. Ati was neck and neck with Nvidia in the previous generation with the X1800, X1900 and X1950 cards. ATi has gone totally downhill since being purchased by AMD with crappy performance and late product introductions. AMD and in particular Ruiz get 100% of the blame here for ruining a good, innovative graphics company.

The Geforce 8800 GT is king of the hill for price/performance, with absolutely no competition.

AMD BK Q2'08.

1:49 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger CupCake said...

2900XT was already in developement before AMD aquired the company. The same card would have been released even if the old ATI company was still running the firm. I just wish people would understand this before they use it as another AMD bashing excuse.

2900XT is not a terrible card and competes well with the GTS. It was never intented to be a GTX crusher like some think it should be and it has a price tage to reflect this.Actually the 2900XT outperforms the GTS by a large margin in some games.

Rather than dislike AMD products persons just enjoy bashing AMD whatever they do. I don't agree with everything said in this blog, but most of you are just as much fanboys. You may hate AMD, but they have had a lead over Intel for quite a long stretch. Considering Intels revenue and Company expertise it has taken them this long! to produce a processor (C2D) that can actually compete with AMD lol Far longer in fact than say the gap between X2 and Phenom. Maybe some of you should consider this next time you complain that AMD are taking to long to release phenom.
Maybe some of you Intel fanboys who want AMD to go bust for your own enjoyment will enjoy the expensive Intel monopoly prices in such a case.

Rant over!

4:42 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger terry said...

if amd does not exist nowdays..maybe intel 80286 proc still exist and we have to buy it at $1199 ;p

5:08 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger Aguia said...

if amd does not exist nowdays..maybe intel 80286 proc still exist and we have to buy it at $1199 ;p

What are you talking terry?
It’s pretty obvious that by now Intel would be gluing two 80286 together thought FSB and preparing the release of the 80386 ;)

5:37 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger Aguia said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5:41 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger Aguia said...

The Geforce 8800 GT is king of the hill for price/performance, with absolutely no competition.

Yes Giant you are quite correct, that video card has completely phased out all Ati products and all the existing Nvidia line.

I wonder how Nvidia partners will get rid of the broken 8800GTS 320MB that Nvidia said it will not fix.
And how will they get rig of all the excessively priced 8600GTS/8800GTS.
And how the 8800GTX will sell if two 8800GT is the obvious choice.

6:34 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger The Burninator said...

Oh evil Nvidia paid pumpers! This is truly the endination of this primitive "graphics" company and its LIES.

a. The AMD graphics make use of the highest in technologicals, and are Made In AMEERICAN!!!! This is done 100% in the AMD house in the AMEEERICAN state of the Taiwan!!! Nvidia does not make its chips and is therefore inferior. Hector Ruiz who will be AMD CEO FOREVER because he is a God personally makes every graphics chip because he is perfect!!!

III. Only AMD gives the customers more choices to purchase more cards! Giving money to AMD is the most pure and good thing ever done in all of the histories!! AMD cares about customers so the logics are 100% that AMD's graphics are always superior and the best!
Will evil pumper Nvidia allow the 4 cards in 1 box? NO!!! That is because they are a LIE. Nvidia will only let you pay the $$ for 2. 2 Cards are evil because they are not AMD!!

8. Do not believe some pumper lies who talk about "benchmarks" or stupid useless programs like "games". These are simply Nvidia lies saying that "framerate" makes any difference! AMD graphics are optimized! AMD systems only show optimized frames and they are so fast that they skip the unimportant in-between frames using their 10X generation Cross-Fire hypertransports!
When you buy Nvidia you are buying useless graphics that are not approved by AMD and are therefore evil! All Nvidia buyers must be shot!

3. Nvidia is going out of the business!! What a pathetic company, it only made the 1.1Billion of the "dollars" while the super-superior AMD will generate $500 TRILLION DOLLARS after its Intel suit is over and all of AMD's money is the paid! AMD is the most successful company of all the histories, and Nvidia is just bunch of primitive evil cancer-people!

IXIXX: Hector Ruiz is sent from the GOD. He will always be the leader of the AMD for all of the eternities. None may ever question his wisdom. Phenom is the ONLY CPU that should ever be purchased for the TRUE NATIVE quad cores since Hector says so. K10 is the most successfully produced chip of ALL TIME!!! Intel is already BK!! Because Hector is perfect, there must be a law that all computers must:
1. Come with the AMD chips ONLY! Anyone who is evil and buys from Nvidiai/Intel evil nazis must buy 1000000000 AMD chips since only AMD is good!
2. Come with the minimums of 4 AMD graphics cards since AMD is giving Choice so customers must take this choice!! AMD cares about customers so ALL customers must by AMD or be evil!

7:37 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger GutterRat said...

deepthroat wrote

AMD and Barcelona
To set the tone - we are a very large user of AMD Opteron chips. We were an early adopted of their dual core.

This is all used in a large (10,000+ CPU core cluster) used for geospatial data modelling.

Anyhow, what is so frustrating is the complete b***** of AMD's Barcelona processors. They simply do not EXIST.

Dell was supposed to have available 1.9Ghz parts Oct 1st for server shipments but that slipped.

Now a good contact inside Dell says they hope to have 1.6Ghz parts available by years end which pushes back a lot of new Dell product launches.

The 2.5Ghz parts are complete vapourware and *may* be availble in *limited* quantites in 2Q 2008 due to extremely limited fab capacity - this is directly from AMD to Dell.

So it's clear that AMD is in a world of hurt no matter what they say. Finding a couple Barcelona's that will hit 2.5Ghz is not the same as having product at that speed to ship.

This muddles us up as we were planning a new cluster around Barcelona but if we're limited to 1.6Ghz parts we either don't upgrade and scale up our existing cluster that is using 2222SE parts, or we look at the Intel 5400 series which is ontime in a lot of new Dell products coming in the Nov/Dec timeframe...

AMD has missed the boat big time, and will miss our budget for a refresh in 2008.... Maybe come 2011 they'll have the lead again.

10:49 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger Hornet331 said...

lol Burninator you just plain rock *rofl*

11:13 AM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger Andy said...

Alternatively for the same money you can actually buy a plane.

1:57 PM, November 11, 2007  
Blogger TamerLee said...

People run crossfire?

nVidia has been able to run quad SLI for a very very very very long time now. Guess AMD is copying them, wouldn't you say? :)

Oh yeah. AMD doesn't copy. Because you said so.

1:38 AM, November 12, 2007  

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