Friday, February 03, 2012

Those who shorted AMD may join the OWS

AMD unveiled its battle plan: using its know-how in CPU+GPU to grow the APU gene pool. We will see Power+AMD and ARM+AMD soon.

The 17watt Trinity APU that is being shipped to OEMs for Ultrathin notebooks performs at 2355 in 3D Mark Vantage. In comparison, the 17 watt Sandy Bridge Core i5 2537M scores 1158. In other words, Intel's Ultrabook performs at a little less than 50% of the 17watt AMD Ultrathin, at least according to this particular benchmark, which emphasizes HD/3D visual experience.

The 25 watt version of Trinity hits 3600 3D Marks.

There are 90 million shares short in AMD. Lots of losses will be incurred during the squeeze.

Time to protest? The OWS movement has soup line open for them.


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Blogger Sharikou Pedobear said...

Good God. You ARE running out of troll material. You have my sympathy. Uber boring.

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