Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nvdia and Intel both cracked under AMD pressure

In their effort to catch up with AMD, both Nvidia and Intel seem have suffered from capricious and imprudent execution. Nvidia's 28nm GPU is getting pitiful yields. Intel had to fake DX11 at CES and now it is reported that Ivy Bridge is a bridge too far -- it is being postponed to after June 2012.

Meanwhile, Trinity is shipping and there is apparently no shortage of 7000 GPUs.


Blogger AlbuquerqueFX said...

"Intel had to fake DX11 at CES and now it is reported that Ivy Bridge is a bridge too far -- it is being postponed to after June 2012"

Wait, what? DX11 was playable at CES (bad decision to show it on-stage as a video, granted.) There are numerous points where you can find information on DX11 capabilities in IVB.

More to the point, it takes 30 seconds of reading to discover that Intel is purposefully holding IVB for purely financial reasons and nothing technological.

Thinking bigger: why would Intel rush it to market? AMD cannot put up competition even for their aging Nehalem architecture (the original Core i-series), let alone the Sandy Bridge platform. Ivy Bridge is so far beyond any processor capability that AMD currently develops that it's not even laughable.

I personally blame AMD for the position that all PC enthusiasts are in now: they have allowed themselves to lose focus for so many years (delays, delays and more delays of the Bulldozer platform) that they have now forced themselves into a position where they simply cannot compete.

So again, why would Intel rush to market with IVB? Which competition are they fighting off? The only thing they're combating is themselves; rushing IVB only stymies sales of SNB and nothing else.

And the 7000-series of video cards deserves to be selling like hotcakes; it provably beats the offerings from their direct competitor NVIDIA. If AMD's processors could provably beat Intels' offerings, they'd be selling better too.

It's obvious, and yet unfortunate, that AMD processors simply aren't competing -- and thus, not selling.

7:24 PM, February 21, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forget who you're talking to. A fake ph.d with no real grip on economics or any understanding of how corporations operate.

Telling Sharikou any of this is fairly useless as he is just an internet troll at this point.

And Sharikou - please provide an actual link as to where you can buy a Trinity based APU? Not a link to some AMD press release, but an actual link to a product we can purchase today, right now...until consumers can actually get it, until it can be benchmarked (and fall far short of your pathetic observations no doubt) then your trolling once again fails.

7:57 AM, February 22, 2012  
Blogger AlbuquerqueFX said...

I think Rikou made the right decision in requiring people to 'sign up' to comment on this blog. More specifically, I believe nobody is going to bother. Humoring a troll isn't worth the 38 seconds it takes to build a Google blog account (unless you already had one.)

I feel that I've learned my lesson; I shall not reply from this day forth. Maybe after the 80-millionth self-praising blog entry goes un-discussed, Sha might figure it out.

10:44 AM, February 22, 2012  
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