Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CNBC's Jim Goldman Makes Himself a Fool

Despite the Intel's dirty acts revealed by the EU, the Korean FTC and the Japanese, Jim Goldman of CNBC jumps for the defense of the big Intel money pile. Can this man tell the difference between right and wrong, honor and dishonor, competition and anti-competition?

"Oh really? Not one of those millions of harmed consumers brought an action against Intel." Goldman wrote.

My suggestion to Mr. Goldman: do some research so not to make yourself a fool. There are dozens if not hundreds of class action law suits against Intel by consumers of Intel processor based PCes. They all accuse Intel of robbing them money by eliminating competition and maintaining high prices.

It's no surprise that Mr. Goldman had not heard of these cases. Because when individuals act against big money like Intel, the media ignore their complaints.

Even assuming consumers were too dumb to complain (they were not and they had sued Intel), Intel's behavior is dirty business and harmful. Once Intel kills off competition, it can start charging whatever higher price it can get, like the old times when a 486 CPU cost $1200.

Because of Intel's tactics, most of the world are still in dark ages: they are using outdated FSB based technology made by Intel, instead of AMD's 64 bit Direct Connect technology that is well suited for HD computing.

The $1.4 billion fine imposed on Intel was way too small for the crimes it committed against the European people and the damage it inflicted on the advance of computing technology .


Blogger Intel VS AMD said...

It is realy sad that Intel had to do that, As for myself i am still a very big fan of the Intel CPU.
I realy hope Intel cleans up its act. After all they do not need the money.

9:48 PM, May 20, 2009  

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