Monday, May 04, 2009

George Ou Caught Red Handed in Making False Analysis

George Ou is known to be a bit mental, as he likes to accuse people of fraud with his semi-retarded and illogical stuff. He was again caught making false analysis.

An AMD guy wrote:

What's interesting is that those benchmark results are based on Intel systems configured with 24 GB of memory for the SPECcpu results and 96GB for the SPECweb result. Yet, when George does his price comparison later in the article, he uses servers configured with only 6 GB of memory in the case fo the Intel servers. Seems to be a bit of a misrepresentation there, even if these are considered the "standard" configurations the OEM publish on their sites. I would ask that if George is going to highlight benchmark numbers followed by price comparisons, he stay consistent.

Also, George claims that AMD "now refuses to post the TDP" for our Opteron EE processors. At no time have we ever "refused" to disclose that info to anyone. In fact, our MAX TDP number can be found here at Please note, that Intel's TDP number is not a MAX TDP. Had George taken the time to look on AMD's web site for the info, he would have found this information. If there is an article out there where an AMD spokesperson has "refused" to provide this info at any time, please send it to me.

Another poster further exposed George Ou with the following comparison:

HP has a special testlap where a huge amount of there systems are tested with various load SW and where you can combine each piece of hardware to see the influence. Both systems have the same base server layout and same latest server generation.

HP DL380G6
2 x L5520
4 x 4GB PC3-8500R LP
2x 146GB 15K 2.5 SAS
2 x 460W HE Power supply

idle: 132.29W
40% cpu load: 171.69W
60% cpu load: 191.72W
100% cpu load: 231.51W

HP DL385G5p
2 x 2376HE
4 x 4GB PC6400 LP
2x 146GB 15K 2.5 SAS
2 x 460W HE Power supply

idle: 106.68W
40% cpu load: 147.94W
60% cpu load: 168.7W
100% cpu load: 209.93W

So dear George you cqn already shut up with the bullshit about ACP and the launch of the opteron EE series, because they ARE more power efficient.


Blogger PENIX said...

George Ou is obviously a corrupt analyst being paid to spread Intel's propaganda. Intel's financial struggle must be horrible if this fool is the best they can afford.

2:45 PM, May 05, 2009  

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