Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AMD dominates the Java server performance hill

This Shanghai Quad Core Opteron server from HP scores 1,181,782. The best Intel Nahelem based Xeon X5570 scores about 542,793, less than 50% of AMD.

Core i7 has shown some good IPC numbers, but it is no big iron like Opteron, which scales to 8P 32 core. This again shows that Intel is a desktop company which only knows how to do 2P, while AMD's Opteron is a server chip designed by server people.

It's rumored that AMD will yank Intel's AMD64 and Direct Connect licenses.

PS: I see one reader tries to multiply Intel's score by 4, as if Intel can pile up 4 Nehalem servers to compete against 1 Opteron server. But 1000 sheep can't beat a single wolf. The math does not add.


Blogger hemantagrawal said...

How very clever. The Opteron system from HP is a eight socket system with 32 cores whereas the Xeon system from Dell is a dual-socket system with 8-cores. Therefore with with 25% as many cores as Opteron, it performs at 50%. This is in fact very good.

9:31 PM, March 31, 2009  
Blogger Evil_Merlin said...

Ignorant fuck.

You left out the fact that thats the ONLY fucking test out of 35 that the AMD took.

The rest Intel took. Sometimes by OVER 100%

You are a fucking moron.

Poor little AMD is fucked.

And you keep dreaming.

12:02 PM, April 01, 2009  
Blogger ElMoIsEviL said...

AMD doesn't own the direct connect license. Intel owns the actual Intellectual Property after having acquired Alpha's assets. AMD simply owns a license to the technology due to a competition bureau ruling.

7:13 AM, April 02, 2009  
Blogger KingRichard said...

This doesn't make sense Sharikou.
You have to compare apples to apples...
Intel: 2 chips x 4 cores = 8 cores
RAM: 6 x 4GB = 24GB RAM

AMD: 8 chips x 4 cores = 32 cores
RAM: 32 x 2GB = 64GB RAM

The way I see it...
Intel has : 273,819
AMD has: 147,723

AMD's scores are almost embarrasing! If we were comparing an 8Proc system to an 8Proc system, Intel would be at WAY over 2MILLION, compared to AMD's 1,181,782... that's embarrasing!

Find us an 8Proc Intel system...

12:43 PM, April 06, 2009  
Blogger Tar said...

Wake up already, Sharikou.

8:03 AM, April 22, 2009  
Blogger Sharikou, Ph. D. said...

To KingRichard,
A customer does not care how many CPU/cores/thread there are, it cares if the server can get the job done, and Intel's highest end is less than 50% of AMD's highest end. As a Sun exec noted correctly, Intel's Nahelem is for entry level servers, AMD is for big enterprises.

11:08 AM, April 23, 2009  
Blogger KingRichard said...

What I am saying is...
If a customer is going to buy a 8 proc system... he should clearly go for the Intel system, because it will be more than twice as fast...
Meaning, the customer could probably get away with getting a Intel 4-proc system, because it would be approximate to the AMD 8-proc system... except, much less power and much less heat...

Don't get me wrong... I'm AMD all the way... but those numbers you posted, were just all wrong.

10:11 AM, April 27, 2009  
Blogger Sharikou, Ph. D. said...

The problem is Nahelem, at least in the forseeable future, is only 2P capable.

9:27 AM, April 30, 2009  

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