Monday, March 16, 2009

AMD to terminate Intel's x86_64 and HT licenses

According to this SEC filing, Intel has materially breached the Intel-AMD cross-licensing agreement, "which gives the Company [AMD] the right to terminate Intel’s rights and licenses under the Cross License Agreement while retaining the Company’s rights and licenses under the Cross License Agreement."

If this is true, then Intel is in trouble. With the x86_64, HyperTransport clone, IMC, Direct Connect and Multi-core licenses terminated, Intel will be pushed back into the 80386 age. Imaging a court order that says all Intel machines running the AMD64 architecture must be shut down. That will be definitively reduce a lot of power consumption for U.S.


Blogger Alex said...

You are an idiot .... we know that amdzone thinks you are a "Zealot" of AMD .... and they love you !!!
That shows the ignorance !!!

Now what if Intel pulls the x86 Lic? who you go cry next?

1:40 PM, April 12, 2009  

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