Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Email from within the DOJ - Intel to be nailed

Intelers are quiet these days, they know uncle Obama is not going to give them favors. Reliable sources say.

This is the statement of an e-mail in full - even though the source was anonymous, we have to state that this opinion is opinion of the source alone and not the comment of US Department of Justice:

"Hi Theo,
We are not actively investigating the x86 cross-license agreement between the two parties involved (or indeed, any party that has to do with x86-based patents originating from Intel Corporation), but I can tell you from our experiences that patents are not The 10 Commandments http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_Commandments .
There were legal precedents in the past where market-limiting or market-damaging patents were pronounced "null and void" to the party that wanted to exercise its rights on the expense of the consumer. Example that you might use with your readers is the wheel. Even though there are than 10,000 patents about the wheel on a car, PTO [U.S. Patent Trade Office, Ed.] would not allow a patent that would result in inability to manufacture wheels by anyone else than the patent owner. If such patent was granted in the past, there are legal precedents that would allow PTO to safeguard market freedom.


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