Friday, November 25, 2005

HP (AMD) notebook brings 64 bit computing to the masses

It's Thanksgiving time, in Thanksgiving spirit, HP and Wal-Mart offered an AMD64 powered notebook at $378. The spec for the machine was impressive, 64 bit CPU, 40GB HDD, 802.11g/b, 15inch LCD, 256MB ram. CNN reported fights broke out in Florida when a man tried to cut in line to grab the notebook. CBNC showed a video of a stampede at the Grand Rapids, MI Walmart store at opening. People lined up at WalMart doors since 2:00am in the morning then dushed into the stores like a flock of migrating wildebeest. The demand for AMD64 technology is high and AMD surpassed INTEL in total desktop and notebook units in US retail stores. When people can see the computer, they choose AMD64, and they even literally fight for it.

DELL has a sell too, a 32 bit INTEL notebook for $399 plus shipping. Too bad, INTEL is stuck at 32 bit for another year. When was the last time you saw people engaged in brawls for 32 bit INTEL technology?

HP may pull off another such sale during Christmas season. When people know they can buy quality 64 bit notebooks from HP for $300+, they will stop buying from DELL, even though the quantity of these HP notebooks is limited. I suggest AMD to plan several such sales in a row to achieve maximum effect.


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