Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Benchmark: Obsolete Opteron 246 beats 2007 INTEL Bensley/Dempsey/Blackford

INTEL has been very shy these days, Paxville was launched over a month, and it's nowhere to be seen, the usual hardware sites such as tomshardware and anandtech have no benchmarks for it. Only GamePC had a benchmark showing dual core Paxville at about 50% of Opteron in Apache benchmarks. Now the rumor is INTEL started sending its Dempsey dual core chips with dual independent bus to reassure its customers, under NDA. apparrently got a set of Dempsey dual core chips through some NDA crack and was able to do some tests. The candidates are:
Bensley: a 3.46GHZ Dempsey with 1066MHZ dual FSB dual core Xeon on Blackford chipset
Irwindale: 3.8GHZ single core Nocona Xeon with INTEL 7520 chipset
Opteron old dog: the 130nm, 3 year old, Opteron 246 single core at 2GHZ. Currently, the AMD's hot selling top dog is the 2.6GHZ dual core 90nm Opteron 885SE used in Sun's Galaxy line.

I don't think anyone is expecting the $100 single core Opteron 246 to sweep the floor on the $3000 2007 dual core Dempsey/Bensley, nevertheless, the single core Opteron 246 managed to beat INTEL's future dual core chip on some tests.

Sandra 2005 x64 -Memory: Opteron 246, 10400MB/s, INTEL Dempsey 3.4GHZ dual core, 4838 MB/second. Single core Opteron 246 is 200% of dual core Dempsey 3.46GHZ.

Sandra 2005 x64 - Cache/Memory @ 64MB: Opteron 246 single core, 5485MB/s; INTEL Dempsey 3.46GHZ dual core, 4430MB/s. Single core Opteron 246 is 25% faster than dual core Dempsey 3.46GHZ.

Cinebench 2003 x64: Single core Opteron 246 scored 366, dual core Dempsey 3.46GHZ scored 377, a virtual tie with less than 3% difference.

3DS Max 8.0 Ape: Single core Opteron 246 finished in 126 seconds, Dempsey dual core 3.46GHZ finished in 133.8 seconds, Opteron single core 246 is 5% faster than Dempsey dual core 3.46GHZ.

ScienceMark 2.0 FINAL x64 Mol-Dyn: Single core Opteron 246 finished in 26.97 seconds, dual core Dempsey 3.46GHZ finished in 32.97 seconds, Single core Opteron 246 is 20% faster than dual core Dempsey 3.46GHZ.

Power consumption: Dempsey system uses 438 watts, the old single core Opteron uses 262 watts. Remember, newer 90nm Opterons made on Dual Stress Linear Strained Silicon on Insulator technology uses even less power.

Conclusion: INTEL architecture is hopeless, even an obsolete 2GHZ single core Opteron 246 can beat its 2007 future chip on performance, and INTEL's heat production problem is beyond cure.

Update: I found that the Opteron 246 has been discontinued. The current highest AMD CPU is the Opteron 885SE.


Anonymous george said...

What The BLEEP Is Going On In INTeL, A Discontenued Opteron Beat a Demzly

8:08 PM, April 27, 2006  
Anonymous George said...

Wich would you rather get a 100$ chip that can beat a 1000$ chip that is not even release, or that other chip

8:56 AM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous George said...

Corection 3000$

8:57 AM, May 03, 2006  
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