Friday, November 04, 2005

DELL selling AMD processors?

Just a couple of weeks ago, I went to, and searched Opteron, what I got was a page saying "Sorry, no matches found". We knew SuperMicro started making Opteron motherboards many months before, and it did have a page dedicated to Opteron boards. So, this deliberate exclusion of Opteron for their search engine is, well, suspicious, in light of the stories revealed by AMD's lawsuit against INTEL.

Today, following others leads, I went to, and searched "AMD", near the top, there is a link for "AMD Processors", clicking on it, leads to a list of AMD desktop CPUs...Weird, considering that DELL dudes always insult AMD one way or the other.

So I went back to and searched Opteron again, alas, now it happily finds a list of AMD pages.

Since INTEL will trail AMD at least until 2009, I guess people are more eager to sell AMD gear now. That ought to be good for the advance of technology.

DELL is the Wal-Mart of IT. Wal-Mart sells a lot of stuff assembled in China, so does DELL. DELL is also a seller of other's products, such as Canon cameras and brand TVs. It makes sense for DELL to sell the Athlon 64 CPUs--there is big money to be made by just reselling AMD. I estimate that DELL can make $30 assembling and selling a $399 desktop, but DELL could make $100 by just reselling a FX CPU, easy money.


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