Friday, October 28, 2005

Carly Fiorina saved Hewlett-Packard

There is a huge negative sentiment against Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP. The feeling against her is so strong that it is hard to understand. In a male dominated world of high execs, a woman running a 80 billion dollar company is probably difficult to accept by many. But, as you look at the HP today, it's Fiorina's vision that gave HP a future.

Want to see the proof?

Just go to, and look at their products besides the printers, pay attention to the enterprise products. What do you see?

Compaq! The ProLiant x86 servers, the NonStop servers, the Integrity Servers, even Tru64 Unix and VMS. They are all Compaq know-how.

Those who don't have a clue think Compaq is just a cheap PC company selling $399 celeron desktops like the DELL dudes, what they don't know is Compaq had acquired many enterprise level companies, including Tandem and DEC.

The former DEC folks are running the show all over the IT world now. Windows NT and up was designed by a DEC guy, and AMD's Opteron--world's fastest CPU--was designed by former DEC folks. Opteron looks very similar to Alpha EV7 on many aspects.

No wonder HP ProLiant servers are using Opterons heavily, and HP is keep bragging their Opteron servers' 2X performance lead over their own Xeon servers.

The HP(Compaq) ProLiant server is #1 in x86 server units and revenue. DELL's x86 server revenue is only a fraction of HP's x86 server revenue.

The world's server market is $50 billion per year, and HP rakes in almost 30% of that, in a close tie with IBM.

Folks, we are talking about very profitable enterprise equipment here, DELL dudes probably have to sell 500 PowerEdge celerons at $399 to make the same money as a single HP DL585 with 4 Opteron 880s.

HP becomes a giant in enterprise computing because of one person--Carly Fiorina.

Her decision to purchase Compaq lifted HP from a printer shop to an enterprise behemoth.

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