Thursday, November 03, 2005

More evil than devil!!!!

The MIT media lab has been working on project OLPC -- One Laptop Per Child. The laptop costs only $100. AMD's Hector Ruiz has this 50x15 plan to enable 50% of world's population to have internet access by 2015. With the OLPC project, world's poor children will have access to a laptop computer. Some countries have already committed to buy millions for their school children. Surprisingly, the Chilean government came out and say they have no interest on it.

Why? The news story wrote:
"The government's decision to not participate in the US$100 laptop initiative almost certainly has to do with intense lobbying by Microsoft and Intel, companies the [Chilean] government has close ties to, because the laptop would use a Linux operating system and AMD chips," said Delhaes.

This is truly disgusting! OLPC is not for profit. Microsoft and INTEL made so much money, and they won't allow children to enjoy a $100 AMD laptop running Linux?? We will have no problem if Bill Gates and Paul Ottellini work together to build a $100 INTEL laptop with Microsoft Windows for every child of the world. Spoiling the OLPC project for the sake of WINTEL's profit and market control is really evil.


Blogger mlambert890 said...

Excellent! When researching far flung conspiracy theory its good practice to quote news sources that are guaranteed to confirm your ideological bias.

Just the kind of open minded approach you'd expect from a PhD. Believe what you've already decided must be true based on emotional "gut feeling", and then just search until you find an unequivocal source to "confirm" it as fact. Great job!

10:35 PM, April 11, 2007  

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