Friday, October 28, 2005

DELL's layoff is the beginning of the end

Yesterday, DELL's boss in China quit his job, today, DELL silently laid off hundreds at its homeland base at Austin. Someone has to sacrifice for the greater "good", so hundreds lost their rice bowl or bread on the table.

Folks, DELL is gonna pull off an Enron on its investors sooner than I expected-- as long as AMD refuse to throw a feeding tube to the dude -- the dude's sugar daddy is sick. At the very end of the day, it's how much assets you have matters. The crash of 80 billion market cap onto 5 billion bookvalue won't be a pretty sight.

A so called IT company without R&D is like a dude without a brain.

A dude without a brain is dead, but it does not know it's dead because it does not have a brain.

Hector, I always admire your strategic wisdom, be firm now, have no mercy, AMD will have until 2010 to rule. You can kill two birds without a stone -- just keep pumping out Opterons and Athlon64s out of FAB30, FAb36 and Chartered and flood the market with Turion64s. Then we can all celebrate.


Blogger Chris said...

I like your Yahoo AMD posts. What's your opinion on this idea of mine:

End of Dell's sweet deals coming.....

Dell is now a liability to Intel. Why? Because other computer makers would rather not use Intel, they will prefer to use AMD.

Why? Because Intel gives Dell better deals than it gives HPQ, GTW, IBM, Sun, Hitachi, Sony, etc., and that allows Dell to undercut them in price.

So what changed? Several things.

1. The AMD lawsuit, - Intel can't punish these other guys anymore without risking giving more evidence to support AMD.

2. Most end users demanded Intel due to reputation, etc. Intel has LOST it's reputation as a reliable partner and tech leader.

3. AMD was supply limited so a tier one couldn't go all AMD, and had to sell mostly Intel. Sun switched and more will in 2006....

Think about it, - the Dell-Intel conglomerate competes with their own customers! Unless Intel stops giving Dell sweeter deals, other tier ones will tell Intel to F-off....... - now that they can!

Wouldn't you?

12:07 PM, October 29, 2005  

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