Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dual Core Desktop Duel: INTEL won two medals

CNET Dual-Core Duel

Round 1: Day-to-day computing: INTEL wins bronze medal
Round 2: Multitasking: INTEL gets 4th place
Round 3: Photo editing: INTEL succeeds in 4th place
Round 4: MP3 encoding: INTEL achieves 5th place
Round 5: Video encoding: INTEL grabs bronze medal
Round 6: Gaming: INTEL's takes 5th place, its Extreme Edition slower than AMD's lowest chip
Round 7: Price versus performance: INTEL's D820 deserves honorable mentioning for being the cheapest

To my surprise, INTEL's Pentium snatched two bronze medals. It did better than India in Olympics, in Sydney 2000 games, India got only ONE bronze medal, in Athens 2004, India got one and only silver medal.

My congrats to INTEL engineering and marketing.


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