Thursday, February 23, 2006

Top INTC and DELL dumpers and AMD buyers

Logically, AMD buyers must be INTEL dumpers, and INTEL dumpers must be DELL dumpers. This is the winning strategy I employ and it would be interesting to see which big houses are playing the same game.

So let's go to, and check the most recent institutional ownership reports.

The top 5 AMD buyers are:

FMR group: added 11.755 million AMD shares to 20.9 million
CALAMOS ADVISORS LLC, from 0 to 10.249 million
JANUS CAPITAL MANAGE... : added 8.559 million to 30.992 million
AXA : added 5.7 million to 24.83 million
ARTISAN PARTNERS LTD... : from 0 to 3.16 million

I should also emphasize Ben Lynch's DEUTSCHE BANK AG\ which downgraded AMD to sell increased its AMD position by 32% to 5.78 million shares.

The top 5 INTC dumpers are:

CITIGROUP INC : dumped 27.772 million shares, or 68.8%
FMR CORP : dumped 34.353 million shares
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL... : dumped 9.5 million
OPPENHEIMER FUNDS IN... : dumped 8.39 million
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP ... : dumped 7.76 million

The top 5 DELL dumpers are:
AXA : dumped 53.822 million shares, or 77.53%
CITIGROUP INC : dumped 26.804 million shares, or 78.11%
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP ... : dumped 9.074 million shares
FMR CORP : dumped 7.75 million shares
TIAA CREF INVESTMENT... : dumped 4.954 million shares

Looks like FMR group is the most consistent in this period. However, many of the AMD buyers had dumped INTC and DELL in the previous reporting period already.


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