Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Real men have 64 bit laptops

Once a guy showed off his new notebook computer to me, it looked kinda cute but was an INTEL 32 bit Centrino. He asked me what kind of laptop I have, I said: "I have a 64 bit notebook".

I took out my notebook, powered it on, the GRUB boot screen appeared, the first option was CentOS 4 for AMD64, the second option was Windows XP X64, the third was Windows XP 32 bit. And I said: "Yours uses an INTEL CPU. INTEL has not mastered the AMD64 instructions yet".

I hit the enter key, the beautiful Linux boot sequence scrolled along, quickly, the 64 bit kernel booted up, powernow-k8 started, X Window started, I promptly logged in as root like a seasoned UNIX sysadmin, typed "openssl speed rsa", in a brief moment, the results were produced, and I told da guy: "check the score, this is much faster than your 3GHZ DELL PowerEdge 1850".

I forgot to run the Apache bench and say: "Real men have 64 bit laptops".


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