Wednesday, January 25, 2006

SUN's UltraSparc T1 is doing well

SUN sold about 20000 Opteron servers the last quarter, with about 8000 of the Galaxy line. SUN's progress in the Opteron space is kind of slow, maybe because SUN has little experience handling large volume of inexpensive gear?

I think SUN desperately needs something to compete against the HP DL385, which is a small business work horse with 6 hard drives. Currently, none of SUN's Opteron servers have enough internal storage.

However, the newly introduced T2000 with one 8 core CPU did quite well. SUN has already sold thousands of it. According to David Yen, most customers bought only a couple of the machines to test them out, but one telecomm company placed an order for 75 T2000 machines yesterday.

Overall, I think SUN needs to speed up things. SUN started the Galaxy project almost two years ago. My hair is turning grey waiting to see more of them.


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