Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hector's Legions Crossed Rubicon

AMD's market share has risen to 21.4% in 4Q05, up from 17.7% in 3Q05.

Like Joe Osha who downgraded AMD to sell, Goldman Sachs downgraded AMD to "underperform", because the "sleeping giant has awoken". Joe Osha's downgrade allowed Merill Lynch to grab $496 million of AMD shares at rock bottom price of $35.2. What about Goldman?

Checking with Nasdaq.com, we found Goldman Sachs a major bag holder of the fast declining INTC stock. Goldman held 61 million share of INTC, which lost a couple hundred millions of value since January 18, 2006. Moreover, Goldman increased its INTC holdings by 18.1% in the last reporting period ending 09/30/2005.

Yes, the INTEL the giant has awoken. Like Pompey the Great, INTEL is scared, it is fleeing and hiding. Under the cover of the VIIV curtain, INTEL is dividing its businesses into the Digital Home Group, Digital Health Group and Channel Platforms Group and various other groups. INTEL is abandoning the Pentium, the Intel Inside and the Intel logo. It has fled Rome in total disarray.

And the Caeser is striking hard and allowing the people of the world to enjoy the power of Opterons, X2s and Turion 64s.

Hector promised a Pax AMD Era to the world, under the customer-centric innovation directive.

INTEL is finished, five years of technology gap is impossible to overcome.

My advice to Goldman the bag holder: dump it now, or lose more. Mark my word.


Blogger Sharikou, Ph. D said...

Goldman Sachs' Dec 2005 filing showed that it had dumped 8 million INTC shares.

6:48 PM, February 20, 2006  

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