Sunday, January 22, 2006

HP to attack SUN with Solaris 10?

This is ironical. Why are SUN customers not buying the SUN Galaxy servers but choose to run Soalris 10 on HP BL25p, BL35P, BL45P, DL145, DL385 and DL585 Opteron servers?

Is Andy Bechtolsheim getting too old or too rich to roll out other Galaxy models? He had spent years at Kealia since he found it in 2001, and SUN acquired Kealia in Feburary 2004, almost two years ago, yet we have only seen three Galaxy server models, the X2100, X4100 and the X4200 -- see I know more about SUN's model numbers than SUN's CEO. The X2100 is obviously a Tyan S2865 box. I am not sure about that other two, but compare to HP's fleet of Opteron battle ships, cruisers, destroyers and frigates, SUN's product line is thin and incomplete, there is no replacement for the Newisys V40z, and there is nothing to match the HP DL385 small business workhorse which has 6 hard drives.

Well, SUN is going to say HP has no CPU, no OS and is becoming an assembler of other's technology such as Solaris 10. But talk is cheap, money works, HP is making billions with Opterons+Linux/Windows. Opteron is SUN's last chance, DELL is still 100% INTEL, if SUN blew up this oppurtunity, I don't see how it can survive. At that point, HP won't even need to pay a dime to acquire SUN -- Solaris 10 is open source and free for all. HP will happily stamp a HP OpenSolaris 10 label and merrily sell millions of Solaris servers. Support and services? No problem, HP will hire the Solaris 10 folks using the money made by selling Solaris 10 boxes.


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