Monday, January 23, 2006

OMG! INTEL is fragged!!

If this is true, INTEL is fragged, finished, dead!
Opteron 265 dual core for $341, Opteron 270 for $476, 275 for $700?
This is insane. One can build a 4 way server for less than $1500!

I think the recent drop in INTEL's ASP (Average Selling Price) was partly due to further discount to DELL to stop DELL from going AMD. Now that AMD has cut prices so drasticlly, INTEL will have to match up for DELL, or the dude will jump ship. But, it's a futile effort, INTEL is between a rock and a hard place, DELL will keep sucking INTEL's blood, while INTEL is losing market share, as other INTEL vendors will leave and go AMD because they can't compete against DELL in the INTEL space.

At this point, AMD must play this game I proposed here. Wait until HP/Compaq takes a good portion of the US Corporate market, wait till DELL begs for mercy. DELL should not be given any favoured treatment. Let DELL grab more and more of the INTEL pie, at lower and lower ASPs.


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