Monday, January 02, 2006

DELL CEO basically says INTEL leaps behind

Very interesting interview with the dude's CEO.

Q: Is there any concern that by not adopting AMD technology, that you're leaving a significant amount of business on the table?

Rollins: We certainly worry about that, and we track that very, very carefully. But if you look at where the inroads have been made, they've been made in those fairly small unit volumes, they've been in the four-way servers. That's where AMD has made its success. To some extent two-ways, but it's the four-ways where they've been taking the bulk of the market share. Again, are they doing well there? Yes. Are the four-ways as a percent of the overall x86 market very big? No. So you're losing some units by share in a fairly important category, but is it strategically a killer? No. Financially it's not. But it's something we worry about, so we're tracking that very, very closely as to what we would do.
Intel's got a better roadmap coming up, in terms of performance and in terms of thermals in the coming year, so that's been very encouraging for us.

Q: A better roadmap than they've had, or a better roadmap than AMD?

Rollins: A better roadmap than what they've had, but again, it gets us much closer to parity with what AMD has been doing.

So according to Rollins, INTEL WILL have something closer to what AMD has now. Is AMD sleeping?


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