Friday, December 30, 2005

INTEL's 65nm Pentium 4 Presler disapponting

AnandTech did a set of benchamrks on INTEL's Pentium EE 955 Presler processor build on a 65nm process. Presler is a shrunk version of the Pentium 4. The good news is, the dies size of the processor got reduced from 206mm^2 to 162 mm^2. But there are two pieces of bad news

1) The Pentium EE 955 performance continue to be sub standard. The Presler performs substantially slower than AMD's entry level Athlon 64 3800+ in quite a few benchmarks.

2) The heat production continues to be very high, which means INTEL's 65 nm process is no magic cure for its heat problems. We have seen similiar situation from the Yonah. At 2.1GHZ, the 65 nm Yonah produces about 50 watts.


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