Friday, December 30, 2005

INTEL can't even fool business week

I was utterly surprised by this business week article, it wrote, and allow me to quote:

"But here's a secret that few outside the chip world know. While Intel execs have said the Pentium M was "built from the ground up" to suit their needs, it actually is a heavily modified version of the Pentium III chip Intel jettisoned back in 2000 in favor of the Pentium 4. "How do you make the Pentium 4 better? Use the Pentium III," scoff execs at rival Advanced Micro Devices.

PLAYING CATCH-UP. Adds former Intel chief chip architect Bob Colwell, who helped design the Pentium Pro, the original basis of the Pentium III: "We wrote a list of 20 to 30 items we would do to improve the PIII, but just left that list lying around. To their credit, the guys in Israel picked it up. But this is no radically new chip."

It seems that INTEL can't hide any more, it's getting smoked out in the Courts and getting exposed by the media on technology. Intel is leaping ahead, but in the opposite direction. Pentium M is 1995 technology. Merom is 1995 technology with copied elements of AMD64.

Read more of this article, very telling indeed.


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