Sunday, January 01, 2006

"Leap Ahead" reflects the same old INTEL-centric mentality

The "Leap Ahead" program is in stark contrast to AMD's prime directive. In essence, it is INTEL-centric versus customer-centric innovation. With AMD moving at light speed from $100 notebooks to 2048 node mainframes armed with quad-core glueless 32P SMP,INTEL is farther and farther behind on the technology curve. AMD quad-core will shatter any hope INTEL had on catching up with AMD, as INTEL's shared FSB simply can't scale to 4 cores. INTEL followed AMD to the book in the past few years. But it failed to follow AMD in one of the most critical directions when it actually desperately needed such guidance from its mentor:customer-centric innovation would be key to INTEL's success for its move to consumer business. Instead,INTEL is projecting a self image of a bigot trying to lead the way.

I predict that "Leap Ahead" will have the same fate as Itanium. With Itanium, INTEL tried to lead the world into EPIC computing by abandoning billions of investment on x86 sotware and hardware. The same intel-centric thinking is driving the "Leap Ahead" program.


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