Monday, January 02, 2006

INTEL's vision is software

After reading this article by Business Week, I came to the conclusion that INTEL's goal is to become an omnipotent software company, all these stuff, such as entertainment, healtcare, financial services, are software. Of course, platform can be either software or hardware or both. In the case of centrino, it was a platform of hardware with 3 components, Pentium M , INTEL wi-Fi and INTEL chipset. However, to have a truly functional platform, you need to have the full software stack. I expect INTEL to invest heavily on the MacOS platform for its VIIV initiative. Since VIIV will be mostly a software specification with some hardware requirements, Windows VIIV will benefit AMD equally. To exclude AMD, INTEL may sign exclusive deals with Apple, or even acquire Apple for this purpose. Sounds good on paper.

But Bill Gates won't be amused, and expect him to retaliate.


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