Monday, November 28, 2005

Utter and complete destruction for INTEL dual core desktop chips

7 rounds of desktop tests, INTEL's best result is 4th place. CNET was correct to give AMD a score of 100, and INTEL a score of 0.

Lawyers, the lawsuit is working and the people are no longer afraid of telling the truth. Keep on the pressure on INTEL, break the axis of evil and free the world!

I hope the media folks take a note of this and acknowledge INTEL as the tech underdog in your unbiased writings.

What we see here is utter and complete destruction, or Annihilation as INQ pointed out. INTEL is totally destroyed and demolished on technical and economical merits.

One test CNET did not do is measuring power consumption and temperature readings, but you can find it here:

in short, INTEL chips all have high fever, and high fever damages the brain...

For dual core server duel (based on official specscores), see

The best INTEL can do there is to achieve 65% of AMD.

"If you are one generation behind you are dead" --Craig's Law


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