Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Google wins on technology

Google is late on everything, late and search, late on email, I don't see anything google is doing that has not been done by others before. But Google's success tell us it doesn't matter if you are late, as long as you are much better. This is especially true with internet, where good things are just a click away. The playing field is level on the internet, if you are fast and if you are good, people come, no barrier of entry there --but you have to be able to handle the volume.

Google's search engine is faster, more accurate and more powerful. For that, Google poured in years of research on operating system, software and hardware. And google is doing something bigger.

According to this PBS report by Robert X. Cringeley, google is putting 5000 Opteron CPUs and 3 peta bytes of storage into enclosures the size of a shipping container. Google can haul this monster to anywhere there are power supply and fiber, turn on the switch and you get a copy of google right there where you need it. The plan is to have 300 such beasts around US. That will be 1.5 million AMD Opterons and 900 peta bytes.... No wonder people are saying Google will become an infrastructure company.

Yahoo better hurry up and do something. I noticed that visiting Yahoo is getting slower and slower.


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