Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Intel Ivy Bridge Fragged by Old AMD A8 3870K

The old LLano 3870K frags Intel Ivy Bridge i7 3770K by a healthy 40% in 3DMark 2011.



Blogger AlbuquerqueFX said...

It's too bad that the only thing AMD has going for them is integrated graphics... The i7-3770k is twice faster than the A8 3870k in pretty much every other metric.


Seriously, almost exactly twice faster in every metric. Twice faster in PiFast (18.4s versus 38.2s), twice faster in CineBench (7.6p vs 3.5p), twice faster in WPrime (224s vs 458s), twice faster in AIDA64 memory read bandwidth (18.8Gb/sec vs 9.3Gb/sec), twice faster in AIDA64 memory write bandwidth (19.8Gb/sec vs 9.6GB/sec), more than twice faster in Espresso Video Encode (160sec vs 420sec), twice faster in PCMark7 (6444p vs 3322p), almost twice faster in 3DMark Vantage when they're both equipped with an NVIDIA 680 (31,507 vs 17,384) and still faster in 3DMark Vantage when using IGP graphics (4358 vs 4328.)

So yeah, AMD sulked away with like three wins, Intel strutted away with about 20 wins. Sounds like a slam dunk for AMD, just like you portrayed in your news title! No bias there, none at all...

1:52 PM, May 11, 2012  

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