Thursday, March 08, 2012

Intel's Sour Grapes Untruth Exposed

In the past few days, we heard Intel execs saying that SeaMicro begged for Intel's acquisition, and Intel was unimpressed. The press, always ignorant, was thrown into confusion and doubt.

Now, SeaMicro's Fred Weber, former CTO of AMD, politely pointed out the truth without directly accusing Intel of lying.

According to a SeaMicro spokesperson, Intel "incorporated features into its roadmap at SeaMicro's request ... organized and facilitated numerous meetings with [SeaMicro] senior executives and participation in its own events, including a joint press conference just over a month ago ... "

But, "at no time did a SeaMicro executive, employee, agent, banker, approach Intel about selling SeaMicro to [Intel]."

It is ironic that AMD is gonna frag Intel with stacks of tightly packed Atoms.

No wonder Roy Read is laughing out loud.

But, if Fred Weber is telling the truth, the way to prove it is to sue Intel for defamation.


Blogger Evil_Merlin said...

After AMD's failed Bulldozer launch, loss of millions selling its investments in Globalfoundry, horrible stock performance...

Yeah nice going there you fake PhD.

8:05 PM, March 12, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be careful. He now delete's any comment that is "insulting" to his false credentials.

Anyone else see the idiocy in the statement "...gonna frag intel with stacks of tightly packed Atoms?"

Let's see...AMD is now building Intel based servers...hmmmm....who exactly profits from this?

4:07 PM, March 13, 2012  
Blogger Sharikou Pedobear said...

Once again Sharikou proves his fake Ph. D. with his childlike, retarded and imbecillic reasoning. The post was full of contradictions plus it clearly shows that Intel profits the most with the Atoms!

Really can't stand still but had to comment on this. I mean, seriously, the guy's intellectual grasp is truly idiotic. He is either a true career troll or truly stupid. And I mean this with utmost sincerity.

5:09 AM, March 14, 2012  

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