Friday, May 20, 2011

Intel has no future, AMD just started Fusion

The future is Vision technology. Few cared about E350's Bobcat CPU, the selling point is its GPGPU which has 5x more compute power than the CPU.

The Llano Fusion products will have 20x of the compute power of the top end Intel CPU. Llano has 400 stream processors. It can encode videos 20x faster than Intel. It is called massively parallel personal computing.

It seems Intel missed the boat again. Intel is stuck with obsolete, second class graphics at which Jen-Hsun Huang of Nvidia looked down with utmost contempt. And Intel has no place to buy first-class technologies. The only possible source is Nvidia, and Jen-Hsun wouldn't sell unless he owns Intel, not to mention regulatory obstacles.

The only hope for Intel is to become an ARM FAB.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the first time you actually hit on something

1) x86 CPUs still are best for now at least for servers. Paul is right when he says every 6 smartphones generate so much infrastructure need that it triggers someone someplace to buy a INTEL x86 server. So 6 cell phones = 60-100 bucks of ARM chips and $250-500 dollars of money in intels bank account

But... x86 servers aren't like IBM mainframes. They are more like PowerPC, SPARC, PaRISC or any of a number of old time high performance CPUs. It only a matter of time before cheap and volume takes over and undercut it.

Guess what, that is ARM? Yup INTEL for the first time is facing what it did to the rest of the world. What is amazing is they don't even realize it.

You are right if INTEL would fabricate ARM chips they'd be producing on 32nm and soon 22nm ARM chips with 4x the transistor density or 1/4 the size and 30-50% less power than Samsung or TSMC.

Only Paul knows why he doesn't do it.

Don't Paul get it. No matter how much money he makes the market ain't paying high PE unless it sees unit growth. Only thing that will make unit growth? ARM baby in Tablets, smartphones, servers and laptops soon.

For the same reason x86 beat everybody else with an inferior architecture is the same reason that ARM will beat INTEL in the high volume, low cost, low power space. Installed base.. nobody gives a crap about MS windows compatibility on a tablet, cellphone, and soon on PCs too. Eveyrthing is about the cloud and when you got the cloud you don't need WINTEL!

For once you are close to being dead on!

11:04 PM, May 21, 2011  
Blogger Evil_Merlin said...

"The Xeon E7 closes the performance gap with the best RISC CPUs (see the SAP benchmarks), offers lower power and cost, and the rest of the x86 competition is relegated to the low-end of the quad x86 market."

9:30 PM, May 22, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Intel's core business is in hopeless shambles, and they continue to bleed money at an alarming rate. I question Intel's ability to survive off FAB earnings alone.

9:06 AM, May 24, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:52 PM, May 24, 2011  
Blogger Evil_Merlin said...

Are you fucking retarded penix? SEriously? Shambles?

Sales in the past FY:46.17 Bil
Income: 12.18 Bil
Sales Growth: +24.20%
Income Growth: +162.40%

If that is shambles, I really hate to see what condition AMD is in.

You are a dumb fucking cunt that should have been aborted. Your stupidity lowers the global IQ all on your own.

10:38 AM, May 25, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey evil did you forgot? penix is sharidouches alt...

5:59 AM, May 26, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:01 PM, May 26, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evil_Merlin said...
"Sales in the past FY:46.17 Bil Income: 12.18 Bil Sales Growth: +24.20% Income Growth: +162.40%"

Intel's numbers are more manipulated and meaningless than those you would get from the government. You have only proven your profound ignorance by taking them at face value.

Anonymous idiot said...
"penix is sharidouches alt..."

No I am not. I have no relation to Sharikou.

12:21 PM, May 26, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Penix,

The you are Naturally stupid .... else you are related to the Bin-Shariku.
I guess intel has a secret money tree in SJ that they use to inflate their numbers with.

2:31 PM, May 26, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love how comments that irrefutably prove this nonsense to be false mysteriously go missing after an hour or three.

Intel completely owns the server market, as evidenced by multitudes of independent research organizations and sales entities. AMD has continued to lose share in server processors for the last five years. Here's why: server processors have zero use for graphics, and similarly, have zero use for general compute. They need transactional capacity -- database transactions, web applications, and the like.

Until AMD can recover in that market, they're only "winning" the lowest-margin markets of cheap laptops. Why is anyone celebrating AMD's win in a market that sees low-single-digit percentage profit margins?

Want to know why Intel had 90% of the server market share five years ago, and AMD has only lost that same market share since then? Because there's absolutely nothing that can compete with them -- even more than certainly not Llano, and Bulldozer isn't going to do it either.

Price doesn't matter when you need epic performance to fit within a specific power, heat and size budget inside a high-availability tier 4 datacenter.

6:46 PM, May 26, 2011  
Blogger Evil_Merlin said...

Once again Penix proving he is a no-cock, Shiadouche fucknut.

When Intel does good, its manipulation...

Fucking cunthole.

9:40 AM, May 27, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Intel never manipulated anything, except benchmarks and market

2:04 AM, May 30, 2011  

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