Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maylong M150 Walgreens Android Tablet OS Upgrade

Received the $99 Walgreens Android Tablet today. It's the Maylong M150. After playing it for a while, I was shocked to find out it is running Android 1.6 and ZDNet people had already made a death sentence for it. You can't even access Android Market from this thing they say. And it was true. I packed it up and ready to return it to Walgreens store. But then, I thought, maybe some guy has figured out how to hack this thing.

So I googled. And to my surprise, some good folk actually made a Android 2.0 ROM for the M150 today -- November 15, 2010, available for download at this link. I quickly download it, did the upgrade, and watched some Youtube videos, tried the Camera, installed apps from Android Market, so far, everything worked (actually the OS is Android 1.9), and speed seems to be faster than the original one. It has root access, but I haven't tried it yet.

So I share the good news with you.


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