Monday, March 22, 2010

Google Chief Blogger Sentenced to Jail!

Shocking. An Italian judge sentenced Google executives David Drummond, Peter Fleischer, and George Reyes to six months of jail, because Google failed to censor some offensive kid beating video soon enough.

I thought these convicted felons were Google's people in Italy.

Not true. I just realized that David Drummond, Google's chief legal officer, is in the U.S, blogging happily about Google's decision to leave the Red China, partly because the mighty company was hacked by Shandong Lanxiang Vocational School. So, in the eyes of the Italian judge, Mr. Drummond is a fugitive. I don't believe Italian courts allow Habeas corpus petitions, which was a feature of Anglo-Saxon tradition.

It is interesting to observe that Google informed the National Security Council first about its decision to leave China.

Incidentally, the British Military has accused Google of violating Official Secrets Act and making top secret military information available to potential terrorists.


Blogger Steph_Boog said...

Very interesting.... maybe the parents should police more...

2:32 PM, August 18, 2010  

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