Monday, November 23, 2009

Microsoft recommends not to use Nahelem due to serious bug

See here.

Intel didn’t specify this bug until September when it was mentioned in its specification updates under AAK119 (Xeon 5500), AAM123 (Xeon 3500), AAO89 (Xeon 3400), AAJ121 (Core i7-900) and AAN87 (Core i7-800, Core i5). ... Microsoft now describes the disaster under error number 975 530, provides a hotfix (on e-mail request) that is not further specified and otherwise proposes the non-serious solution of disabling the power saving states C3 and C6 – which would also shut down the Nehalem’s turbo-boost feature. And it gets worse: the editorial office received a non-published raw version of the error report that even included the brusque “preferred solution” of not using the processors in question.


Blogger PENIX said...

A shame that a story like this is even worth mentioning. Intel garbage is not, and has never been, an acceptable solution. When you commit to Intel, you commit to unstable and overpriced trash that should not even be legal to sell.

2:08 PM, November 24, 2009  

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