Monday, March 29, 2010

AMD Many-Cores Performance

AMD claimed that its 12-core CPU offers 88% increase on Specint_rate2006 and 119% on Specfp_rate2006. This comparison was made between the 2.2GHz Opteron 6174 (80w) and the Opteron 2435.

The 2435 had Specint_rate2006 score of 205, and Specfp_rate2006 score of 143. This means the 6174 achieves integer score of 385 and fp score of 313. This is substantially faster than Intel's fastest Nahelem Xeon processor (Xeon 5680, 3.33GHz, 130watt).

HP published its benchmarks for Opteron 6176 SE, with a 398 score for Specint_rate2006 and 318 for fp performance. Incidentally, this 8P Opteron 8435 machine achieved 730 in int performance.

Notably, the HP benchmark used a GCC derivative compiler called Open64.

With the Opteron 6100 series, AMD is firmly leading the the x64 market in both 2P and 4P segment.

In the GPU front, Nvidia's thermally-hot GTX 480 probably Osborned its other parts, while people are buying AMD's 5000 series like there is no tomorrow.


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