Saturday, October 07, 2006

Carly had a degree in philosophy

Sharp and very quotable words from Fiorina:

"A woman lays people off, she's heartless. A man lays people off, he's decisive."

"The agents of change are always resisted. ... Some people fear the unknown, whatever it may be, even more than they fear the troublesome but known present."

Reading this piece of the news, no men quoted in it had a fraction of the wisdom of Fiorina.

The timing of the book is perfect. HP's board members are exposed--some are leakers, some are leakers allies, others are hunters ... Only Carly Fiorina can look down at this mess with philosophical insight.

Mark Hurd inherited the legacy of Carly Fiorina.


Anonymous Graham said...

You're a fool Sharikou (however most people alreay know that). But here's why. You have been defending the actions of the HP board and in particular Patricia Dunn in the possibly illegal pretexting and other shady leak investigation techniques that were green-lighted by Dunn. You defended these without knowing full facts and now where is Pat Dunn? Out of a job and now indicted by the State of California. So this is what would happen if Intel or AMD execs ever listened to your "advice" that you say you regularly dispense to them. Fired and indicted. Let me repeat FIRED and INDICTED is where Sharikou advice will lead anyone who listens to it. My personal rule would be listen to Sharikou's advice and DO THE OPPOSITE!

8:37 AM, October 08, 2006  
Blogger Sharikou, Ph. D said...

The Republican party should jail that congressman who IMed with young boys. California was trying to make a big deal off this leaker hunt when no harm has been done. I am quite sure that the jury will find Ms. Dunn not guilty.

Remember, you need to have a 12 jurors all reach a beyond reasonable doubt conclusion. Once the jury heard how the leaker betrayed HP's trust, they will acquit the HP folks for doing the right thing.

10:42 AM, October 08, 2006  
Blogger howling2929 said...

Oftentimes I disagree with sharikou (for instance, with the batteries issue, the quads issue, and the 4x4 issue), and the Dunn affaire is no expetion. But this posting was orginaly about Fiorina.

By the way, I do not know if her major was philosophy or litwerature, but I do know that her minor was medieval poetry! Of course, since poetry rarely brings millions to the bank account, she did her MBA (sharikou, you should have done an MBA intead of a Ph. D on ... ¿what was your Ph. D. about?)

The decendants from the founders did a proxy fight, and were brought to the merger kicking and screaming, but now, years latter, analists, HP personnel, and even our "favorite Ph.D." realize that Carly was right. I remember (and Chicagrafo can verify this) that as soon as the deal was announced i declared it "a good thing" (chicagrafo tought it was bad).

At that time, and because of my work, me and my company were buddy-buddy with all things HP (we are talking Series N servers, Linux clusters and alpha servers for Telecomms, we even had a Superdome listed in the top500 that year, but alas, it was not in my division) and I remember a friend of mine in HP (promoted because of the merger, by the way) telling me (befoe the promotion) that, for instance, in Colombia HP was not selling many superdomes, but aftr the merger, the HP salesman were sacked, and the compaq salespeople took the helm, and, lo and behold, sales picked up. Similar things happpened in the rest of the world.

Long before the merger, DEC was very open to linux (the first port of linux out of x-86 was to the alpha, and the machine was donated by DEC, by the way). And Compaq was one of the few big OEMs open to AMD wares (¿do you remember the bulky integrated Presario desktops with AMD inside from the factory?). Well, try to imagine the linux guys from DEC and the AMD guys from Compaq did to the combined entity....

This merger was good indeed.

3:51 PM, October 08, 2006  

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