Saturday, September 09, 2006

HP board member's betrayal and disgrace

A male board member leaked confidential information about ousting HP CEO Carly Fiorina months before the decision was final. This is mean and disgraceful. It's like Brutus stabbing Caeser in the back. I think the HP board chairman has done the right thing to hunt down the guy who did it. Such a person should be condemned and never be trusted by anyone.

Sometimes, ethics is more important than law. The private investigators obtained some phone records. So what? No damages were done. The intention was to do good. The outcome was good, a despicable guy got caught and exposed. You can sue the private investigators, and they will laugh at you. The state may charge the private investigators -- but they did it with full knowledge that their acts were petty offenses and the pay outweighed the liability.

This was not spying on board members. HP board chairman was only trying to find out who did one specific treacherous act. She had to find it out, only because the guy did it and concealed the fact he did it.

I respect HP board chairman's decision and determination. The person who leaked the information is a disgrace and should be removed.


Anonymous SurJector said...

I agree with you, and the guy should have some arms and/or legs cut.

1:39 AM, September 10, 2006  
Blogger "Mad Mod" Mike said...

Check it out, another place is paid too much by Intel for their own good.

12:09 PM, September 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have not seen one news article that says that George Keyworth, the HP board member who admitted to speaking to Dawn Kawamoto of CNET News about a January 2006 management retreat, is someone who leaked about the ouster of Carly Fiorina, which occurred in February 2005.

12:25 PM, September 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Check it out, another place is paid too much by Intel for their own good."

You are implying that they put Intel in a positive light..

"Conroe gets it's assed WHOOPED by the Opterons and you defend the people who lied...jesus...."

Make up your mind.

Even Sharikou dares not post that link on his blog, for it shows how competitive 1 Core 2 CPU compares with 2 Opterons.

1:19 PM, September 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said... e_rampage/page14.html
"..the Core 2 Quadro can give performance a mighty tweak - but only for specific applications. In the best-case scenario, performance can even be doubled. However, this depends on the particular program. Software makers have yet to initiate the needed optimizations for multiple physical CPU units. The table below lists a hodgepodge of applications that benefit from four cores right away.

The future belongs to HD content. If we take our benchmarks into consideration you can no longer get by without a quad-core processor. Test results with the software packages Main Concept with H.264 encoding and the WMV-HD conversion make this very clear. We noticed performance jumps of up to 80% when compared to the Core 2 Duo at the same clock speed (2.66 GHz). A Core 2 Quadro at 2.66 GHz and higher is the answer for HD video (editing and rendering) at full HD resolution (1920x1080)."

"Overclocking fetishists can rest assured. Our test samples ran reliably at 3.33 GHz with no voltage increase - including a sound boost in performance."

"Some applications require half the time to finish tasks. To me, it's like being catapulted a year into the future and is unlike the past few years when computing power increased only marginally. Intel pumped out 30% more performance with Core 2 Duo and will double that again with Core 2 Quadro soon."

"As we've seen, Core 2 Quadro represents a significant step ahead, which AMD cannot counter until its 65 nm quad core processors will be available in H2/2007. AMD needs 4x4 now."

THG also says it's coming a month from now, mid october. Expect price cuts..Meaning more pressure on AMD. I only posted this since Mike got to post that totally irrelevant thing:)

2:42 PM, September 10, 2006  
Anonymous blind man said...

Corporate America. It's corrupt to the core. Is this news?

As Mark Twain said, and true it is,

"Be good and you will be lonesome."

7:46 AM, September 11, 2006  

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