Saturday, March 11, 2006

AMD Live! will be for you!

I pointed out Intel's VIIV reflects a Intel-centric thinking, which is essentially this: give us your money or else.

Now, we understand more about AMD Live!

While Intel is planning a massive invasion of people's bedrooms and living rooms with monsters like this, AMD is working with set top box vendors so people can access the content in their Cool N' Quiet AMD64 PC on their TVs, over TCP/IP -- ethernet or wireless.

AMD is going to open source the technology, so it can work on different OSes, and even Intel PCes. As long as you have an AMD Live! certified set top box, you can freely enable the AMD Live! technology on your PC, be it AMD64 or IA32, hook up the network, and viola, you can view the goodies on your TV in the privacy of your bedroom!

That's what we need and that's customer-centric innovation!


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