Friday, March 10, 2006

AMD the most innovative semiconductor company

Among FORTUNE America's Most Admired Companies 2006, within the semiconductor industry, AMD was ranked #1 in innovation and #1 in quality of products/services. AMD ranked #2 in quality of management.

Intel ranked #4 in innovation, #4 in product/service quality and #4 in quality of management.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vista is using AMD64, no separate 64 bit chipset for Intel, how does it work ? Intel has to pay AMD to use 64 bit for Vista ?

Is it Intel 64 bit is an emulate 64, not a true 64 as AMD does ? Is Conroe a true 64 ? If it is not, how does Conroe do in performace, scalable, thru put when Vista comes out ?

Appreciate if you can answer those questions, thanks.

7:01 AM, March 11, 2006  
Anonymous P- said...

Magazine opinions are a dime a dozen these days. Though professional and often quite valid but playing devil's advocate here Intel's cash(Total Cash (mrq): 12.77B)* way surpasses that of AMD(Total Cash (mrq): 1.79B)**. If Intel really wanted AMD out of the picture it can simply buy it out! So you've got to ask this is what AMD doing good for AMD of good for Intel in the long run? It won't be good for Intel in the short-run that's a given but it sure as hell good for the underwritters, the financiers of wall street if they wanted an alternate token to hype up. You've got to hand it to them these guys since the days of Mr. J.P. Morgan invented the game called 'Capitalism.' I'll buy AMD for $250 dollars and now i need to get INTEL for $500!! Then build, build and build those factories up like hotels... MOVE my TOKEN!!!! (thx for letting me express the opinion above... it has given me some ideas already for my upcoming little masterpieces). But i've got to end with a Bushism on the 1st, you know which ain't all that bad but i'd want to see the FINE PRINT & LEGELESE on it & i'd want him to be upfront about it 'cause I JUSY DON'T SEE IT(get it)... hehe

'President Bush said he thought "people should be allowed to criticize me all they want, and they do."

"Look, there are some certain basic freedoms that we've got to protect," the president said. "The freedom of people to express themselves must be protected." '

* Yahoo 'Key Stats' on cos
** Yahoo 'Key Stats'...

8:30 AM, March 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do I understand correctly that this new group of
chips from Intel is single thread, even the dual core and the upcoming quad core -whenever that happens-
will also be single thread. If Intel's are single thread doesn't that hinder them in so-called web facing applications even though the floating point part is in
good shape for number crunching. If single thread, wouldn't the Googles, Yahoos, E-Bays, et al walk right
by them and continue to look elsewhere like Operton,
Sun's Niagara, etc.
Another topic. My understanding is that AMD's Sun
Microsystems' Afaro design group was moved over from
Sun within the last year or so. Many believe that Afaro
wrote the book on the architecture of multi-core cells and that it took around four years-even with the Afaro
experts-for Sun to come up with Niagara, Rock, etc.
How is Intel able to architect its new multi-core designs
in so short a time and have they taken short cuts that
may come back to haunt them, such as single thread while Niagara, for example, is 8 cores x 4 threads each
with Rock have floating point per core instead of fps being shared now among the 8 cores in Niagara.

10:40 AM, March 11, 2006  

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